I was a diehard Secret girl, so when I received a sample of KTO's Finally deodorant, to say that I was skeptical was an understatement. I have to come clean and say that it sat in my medicine cabinet for more than a few days. When I finally decided to give it a shot, the first thing I noticed was the unbelievable smell - like sweet lemons. After and entire day, I was shocked, SHOCKED to find that I literally didn't not smell AT ALL! I couldn't believe it, and I promise that I was the last person to even think of ditching my antiperspirant!! I love it so much, I stole my husband's.
- - Bethany W, Hollywood, CA
I am so in love with your deodorant. It is unbelievable. Thank you so much for creating something that has finally resolved an issue I had "no smell". I love you. Congratulations on such a fine product. I'm so happy I won your bag. I'm purchasing more deodorant. Thank you for creating this awesome deodorant, so happy Kelly, my husband and friends in my office are hooked. None of us smell. OMG.
Love this, Claudia L., Los Angeles
I absolutely love Kelly Teegarden's skincare line KTO because I know that not only are all her products organic but also chemical free. The Vitality Rose and Cucumber Eye Cream makes me feel refreshed in the morning and the Radiant Anti Aging Facial Cream is my go to product at night. I recommend KTO to anyone with sensitive skin or if you just want the security of knowing your skin is protected with all natural ingredients. Enjoy!
- Kimberly Caldwell (Twitter: @_kimcaldwell)
“American Idol”/ recording artist / TV host
KTO has completely REVOLUTIONIZED my sun-damaged skin from dry and scaly to clear, even and baby-bottom soft! I use the complete system morning and night and now I no longer have to cancel appearances; my skin is always radiant. Thank you, Kelly for thinking so much about others, that you created this organic skin care line to protect us.
- Kimberly Goldson,
Project Runway
I'm very particular about what I'll put on my face, but KTO has become a necessary part of my skincare routine. My first love will always be the Radiant Anti-Aging Facial Cream. It feels fresh, makes my skin look radiant (just as advertised!) and is my go-to when I have a performance or red carpet event. I’ve more recently become enamored of the Vitality Rose & Cucumber Eye Cream. It delivers a generous amount of moisture (surprising considering its light texture) and helps decrease puffiness around the eyes. Don't get me started on the Alive Rose Water Toner (refreshing and smells delicious!) or Regenerate Goji Pomegranate Face And Body Polish (exfoliates gently without aggravating my skin!), or we'll be here all week. Needless to say, Kelly Teegarden's products work beautifully, smell amazing and manage to do all this while being chemical free. I admire the products and the woman behind them! Thanks for all you do, Kelly! Twitter @katrinapmusic
- Katrina Parker,
Dear Kelly…thanks for the products and I absolutely love them. Great job! Grateful to have healthy skin stuff.
Best, Pat O’Brien
Your products are wonderful and the cleanser is the best I’ve ever tried. I use several products every day (cleanser, toner, tightening serum and facial cream) and love that my skin feels clean, never dry or greasy. Since starting this regimen, co-workers and even strangers have commented on how great my skin looks. Thank you so much.
- Lydia, Woodland Hills, Ca
I met you both at the Secret Room gift suite for the golden globes- and wanted to thank you for the AMAZING bag of skin creams you generously gave me!! I LOVE them!!! I’ve been using it for the last 2 weeks- and am really impressed – and I LOVE the lip gloss!!



- Lorielle New
So often people worry about what they are putting in their bodies, as far s food goes… spending the extra dollar or two to buy organic, yet slather chemicals all over their faces and body every day. I love that Kelly Teegarden Organics promises to provide safe, chemical free products that are safe and good for my skin & body.
- Andrea Wood (sheheartsit.com)
One of the things I love about your products is that they smell so good with no chemical undertones. So many times you’ll put on a lotion and it smells nice at first, maybe almonds or vanilla, and then after you rub it on, there is the sharp smell of alcohol or some other chemical that you don’t really detect when you are smelling it in the bottle. Your products smell great in the bottle and out.
Enid, Chatsworth, CA
I recently purchased 2 KTO products and am very happy with both of them. The face cleanser, The Secret, does a great job of leaving my face fresh and clean. I like the way it easily becomes very sudsy with only using a small amount. I follow the cleanser with The Royal lotion which has a great consistency….no too thick and not too thin and still quenches my often dry skin. The scents are fresh and spa-like which makes them feel very luxurious. Overall very happy with both products.
- Laura, Connecticut
Kelly Teegarden Organics has completely changed my complexion. The products make my skin feel and look healthier. The cleanser does not dry out my skin, like others have, and I can put on makeup right after moisturizing. Even my makeup looks better! I eat organic products so it makes me feel better to use a product that is chemical free for my skin.
- Jennell, Los Angeles, CA
Dear Kelly,

I have been using my products for a few days now, and so far, I’m amazed by the wonderful smell and feel of them. The cleanser actually removes my makeup, which many don’t, and the anti-aging cream is perfectly hydrating for me, which is also unusual. Thank you so much for the body lotion it is also exceptionally luscious and I love the sheen it leaves. I’m loving using these healthy products which feel so good !!

Thank you, Kelly. You’ve made a wonderful contribution with this skin care line.

- Jane, from Colorado
I’m loving the Royal Healthy body lotion, I swear it’s magical.
- Jenna, Los Angeles

I have been using the face wash and eye cream…my skin feels amazing!
- Rozebel, Los Angeles
Kelly- I wanted to let you know that I absolutely loved the products you gave me to try. The lotion is thick and rich without being greasy and the color of the lip gloss is very pretty and not sticky. Congratulations on developing such wonderful products.
- Debbie, Los Angeles, CA

Dear Kelly,

I was happy to be the winner of your products at our school auction and couldn't wait to get home and try them out. I have fallen in love with them. They smell delicious and have left my skin soft and glowing. What I really love is knowing they are organic and chemical free. Thank you for providing a wonderful skin care product. I actually can't wait to wash my face in the morning and night now and sometimes I sneak a mid-day one in just to smell the scents. Great products!
- Heather J.
Madly in love w/my yummy @KTOSkincare gift basket! THANK YOU #KTO & @TrueheartEvents! You are the bee's knees. xo :)
- Tweet from Katrina Parker from The Voice
I finally found a moisturizer that leaves my skin feeling truly nourished….and the best part….it’s good for me! KTO’s Radiant is one of my new favorite things!
- Stacy, Malibu
I am so very grateful! My face is feeling pampered beyond my expectations, at only 2 weeks, I look forward to the entire product line and my continued beauty! Thank You, you are my lifeline to healthy ageless beautiful skin
- Suzi
Very happy with the facial cleanser and lotion. Cleanses gently without drying out my skin and I actually feel clean! Great products!
- Erin, Los Angeles
Radiant is an amazingly light and refreshing face lotion. I have very sensitive skin, and this product has worked very well for me!
- Meg, Los Angeles, CA